Before going to pen down, I would like to give my thanks to God who inspired me to serve the humanity, Education is the key element in the individual, social and national development. It is the concept that led me to establish Araria Public School in 1989. The quality of education determines the quality of nation. Knowledge with disciplines and moral values is our Prime Motto. That's why wealways try to strive towards excellence by keeping our education system up-to-date according to changing social and environmental circumstances. And in this attempt, we give equal place to precious suggestions from parents and guardians. I really feel indebted to God. who has blessed me with such well- wishers, my family members, former and present A.P.S. Staff. Their role in enhancing the quality of education can't be undermined in anyway. Our teachers follow the spirit of both the joyful learning and joyful teaching and shun rote learning. I nurture in my heart that with your assistance and moral support, we would be able to carry on our mission in a successful way. .14)itii best wishes Tufail Ahniad Founder & Chairman Araria Public School